Sunday, June 14, 2009

I've been busy making unique Birdhouses

for the past few days with help from my sweet husband. I don't know what I did to deserve such a special person in my life.
We are making these Birdhouse unique by adding old collected items to them, such as Old rusty hoe, old rusty shovel, old aluminum funnels (2 of those- different styles) old horse harnesses and bridles, old ceramic electric insulators.
I will be listing them on Bonanle and Ecrater one day next week when I get the pictures made. I hope some of my friends stop by and see them. I will probably post them on Facebook also, it gets more traffic that this blog.
I wish there was a creative Birdhouse group I could join but I am not aware of one.
I've been helping Ike in the kennels this morning. He just sold one of our registered Dachshunds. I've also cleaned a flower bed. I'm sweaty and nasty right now. Need a bath but will be going back out, so no need for that yet. It's really hot here today and not raining for a change.
I got a order from eBay for 50 ceramic buttons, I need to get started on them Monday. Looks like I will not have as much free time this coming week as last.
Life is good and has been very productive.