Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hello everyone

I thought I would tell you about my day. It has been a busy one.
I finished a new Whirligig and listed it on Bonanzle and eBay. It is called "Walking in the rain" featuring 2 very familiar cartoon characters -all of you will recognize.
Here's the Bonanzle link to it:
Sorry it isn't click-able but you can copy and paste it into your browser if you want to have a look at it. There is probably a way to make it click-able but I don't know how it's done. I'm not to smart on this computer.

I had to cut, dry, and paint, 32 drops for my Sewing Machine pins- that took awhile but I use 3 different ones on each pin so they will last awhile hopefully. I'm always glad to make them though, that means I am selling Pins and I like that.
I also mowed the yard. It's been raining here for so many days I thought I was never going to find a day dry enough to actually get it done. There is nothing prettier than a freshly mowed lawn.

I have had to spend the last 3 days alone. Ike had a small job he had to do and it sure was lonely without him. I got to sleep really late though, with him not here. He's finished it today, so hopefully no-one else will call needing something done. I worry so much about him when he is off working.

Well, I seem to have reached a ending to this post. Can't seem to think of anything else to write.
So blessing to all who drop by.
Life is good.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Look what my sweet granddaughter did for me.

She gave me a pretty background for my page. Now it doesn't look so generic and bl-aw!
It has some color, and flowers- orange is a favorite color of mine. Now if I knew more about adding other things of interest when folks come here they might actually stay for awhile and read my blog and share theirs with me.
She's so spastic though- doesn't have much patience with gran-mama.
But aren't they all. I wonder if and when they get old (they think they never will- at this age) if they will wish they had been a little bit more patient and understanding. Time will tell- I just hope I can be around to see the change- when and if, it happens.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'd like to introduce you to this site
It's where you can show widgets to all your selling sites.
It's a very friendly community and offers a place to blog. I actually blog there.
Just add this link to all your outgoing personal emails and your friends can click on the link and see all your selling venues and all the items you have to sell in each one of them.

Here's the link to my Plumdrop booth.

Thanks for looking-hope this is helpful for all who take the time to explore it.
Life is good.

Haven't been here in awhile

so I thought I would drop by and see if anyone had checked in- Well, they haven't- as I felt would be the case.
I can't expect to much when I don't put much into this blog. I'm going to try to do better.
I would like to add a few links to my blog to introduce you to some really creative people I have meet in the past few months.

I'll start with the link to my booth on Bonanzle a great new selling site I have found.
Please check it out to see and purchase my handcrafted items.
My friend Nancy heads this group and it is full of a creativity. Please stop by and let me know what you think. This is another one of my sweet friends. She uses my custom Button Covers as closures on her beautiful quilted purses. Check her out.

I will be adding more as I find time.
It's a beautiful day here in Tennessee and I am blessed.
Ike and I are both well so- life is good.