Friday, May 28, 2010

Haven't been here in awhile

It's already summertime in Tennessee and hotter than heck. Ike is outside planting strawberries in the new 3 tiered bed he and I made last week. I went out to help him but the heat is just to much for me, so I had to come back inside where it's cool.
My Stella Lillie's are all in full bloom. I am going to place a couple of picture here for you all to enjoy. They were taken in front of, and at the end of, my painting shed. My sister, Faye, who died a few years ago gave me the starter bulbs. I have separated and replanted them until I have lots of them now. I sent my friend Nancy a picture earlier yesterday. She shares pictures with me all time- it's great to have a friend like her.
I've really been busy the past few months. The Whirligig orders have been keeping me busy. It want be busy for awhile though, I want be listing on eBay. Ike is to have Cancer surgery in July and I am closing down temporarily-until I see him through this. It's going to be okay though. We just keep the faith and hope for the best. God has a way of taking care of good people, and we are good people.
I ask all of you to send prayers to heaven for us.
Life is good!