Monday, August 22, 2011

Ike's puppy story - August 21st

Good morning everyone. Have I got a story to tell.

I told you Ike's Border Collie had 4 puppies and lost one- well, you want believe this, this morning (that's a good 10 or 12 hours later), she had another one. He now has 4- living.

We really had a noct. She was barking last noct about 3 A.M and he got up to go check on her. He was about 30 minutes down there and then I went to check on HIM! There he sat rubbing her head and talking to her.

We got things all wrapped up and headed back to bed. We were in bed a bout 10 or 15 minutes and decided we needed to put a thick rug in the bed since it seems a bit chilly- so up we get and back to the farrowing house we go. We get that all taken care of the this morning she started barking again about 5- that's when Ike went to check on her and found the other puppy. He said she had climbed out of the pin (and I kid you not) they are taller than my head. She had that puppy outside the pin in the hallway. Had he not gotten there soon as he heard her barking, he might have lost that one. I was left with orders to check on them and give the newest one some warm milk when I got up this morning- so when I got up I dutifully did that. It was all cuddled and warm up with the others under it's mom. I sure hope he can raise all of them- he'd be devastated to loose one.

I gotta get my cup of coffee now. Just wanted to share this story with everyone. Wish us luck with our puppies. It sure is fun to raise them and send them off to loving homes. I'll try to take some pictures and post them in a few days.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm busy as a Bee

Yes, I'm busy as a Bee! I'm in the process of moving my workshop out into Ike's garage (which he never uses) I will have lots more room to work there. Then I'm turning my workshop here by the house into a storage and display area for my crafts that I sell on line. I also though it would be a good idea because it would give me more room here in my computer office. I'm coming out the walls. There just never seems to be enough room for all my things. You sure can accumulate a lot of stuff when you're a avid crafter like I am.
Hopefully, I will have it ready to open during the big Labor Day yard sale we have here in Benton County. I sure have lots of junk and my crafts, I'd be glad to sell.
I've been working here on the computer since 9 O'clk this morning. I have been creating a picture folder of my craft items to place on my Facebook page. It seemed like a pretty good idea but it's been a lot of work. Here's the link to my Facebook page. Drop by if you follow this blog from time to time and say hello.
I need to get up and get started on the orders I got in today but might just enjoy the weekend and do them on Monday. I have 5 days to work them out. That shouldn't be a problem.
We've just been so hot here in Tennessee the past few weeks. Last week actually had a few comfortable days. It's been one of the hottest summers we've had I think.
I can't wait for Fall and "sweater weather". That's my favorite time of the year. I hope Ike takes me to the mountains when the leaves start changing colors. That's one of my favorite things to do. Nature is such a pretty thing to see.
Life is good

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Looks like Spring

has arrived again. All the pretty plants that bloom early have already bloomed and shed their pretty blossoms. Now I'm waiting for the Day Lilies to bloom. They are just so pretty. I hope they're as pretty as last year. I added pictures of them last year- so probably won't do it this year.
I had a email from my sweet friend, Dede, from Brightest Blessings. I admire her so much. She's been through so much- yet she is still thinking of others. God Bless you Dede- I love you.
I've been doing lots of work in the yard the past few weeks and have my shoulder all messed up. I can hardly pick anything up and it goes numb on me all the way down to mt fingers. I fear it want be getting any better without my going to the doctor. I don't like going to doctors so I will deal with it awhile longer.
Ikes new puppy got into the flower beds 3 times and they sure did do some damage. I had to re-do them. That's the reason I don't like dogs so much. Especially the digging kind. I prefer my cats.
Got to get packages ready to ship so need to run.
Life is good.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ike and I had our 50th. Wedding Anniversary

on January 7th. Our children took us out to a really nice restaurant to celebrate. We have great kids. It's hard to believe we've been together 50 years. Time sure does fly by. It seems to go by even faster now. When you get to be our age- that's just the way it is.
I've lost so much weight- I look sick. Ike looks so handsome. But then, he always looks handsome, to me.

We had lots of snow during January but the weather is so pretty now. It's the middle of February and we are having Spring time temperatures- in the 60's. I noticed this morning the Day Lilly's are beginning to pop out of the ground.
I smell Spring in the air!

I've been busy crafting new Whirligigs for the new year. I'll have 10 new ones added to my line-up for sale on my selling sites. Be sure to take a look at them.

News is short. I wish I would make myself come to my Blog and write more but I stay so busy I just forget it. I've promised myself several times I'd do better but I never do.
So until next time.
Life is good.

Monday, October 4, 2010

From May to October. It's been a while!

Lots of thing have happened since I was here last.
Ike had surgery for Cancer and is completely free of the dreaded disease.
He's loosing a lot of weight though and isn't feeling the best, but keeps trudging along.
He building me a kitchenette apartment in the bottom level of our house. It opens out to a full walkout porch and is looking really good. Now if we get to where we need help we will have a place we can rent. We're not really interested in renting it now but it will be there should we ever need, or want to.
I've lost a lot of weight over the summer and feel like a million bucks. All my blood-work is good and a Cholesterol reading of 150. Can't beat that. I'm walking 20 minutes a day on the tread mill and hope to build it up to more minute as I progress.
We're at the beginning of Fall. I love this time of year. I call it sweater weather. The days are cool and the nocts are cooler. Sleeping late never felt so good. All bundled up under a nice warm blanket with my cats sleeping at my feet.
I've had a good summer with sales also. The W/Gigs have been flying out of the shop. They take a lot of time to create but they are worth it. Every customer I've had loved them.
Here's a picture of my newest one. It's of Betty Boop. You can find her for sale in my Ecrater, or Bonanza booth. The links appear at the side of the posts.
That's a bit of a catch- up for the summer. I try to keep up on this site but it's hard keeping on top of everything. I sometimes feel over whelmed with all the work I have to get done.
God blesses Ike and I daily though.
Life is good.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Haven't been here in awhile

It's already summertime in Tennessee and hotter than heck. Ike is outside planting strawberries in the new 3 tiered bed he and I made last week. I went out to help him but the heat is just to much for me, so I had to come back inside where it's cool.
My Stella Lillie's are all in full bloom. I am going to place a couple of picture here for you all to enjoy. They were taken in front of, and at the end of, my painting shed. My sister, Faye, who died a few years ago gave me the starter bulbs. I have separated and replanted them until I have lots of them now. I sent my friend Nancy a picture earlier yesterday. She shares pictures with me all time- it's great to have a friend like her.
I've really been busy the past few months. The Whirligig orders have been keeping me busy. It want be busy for awhile though, I want be listing on eBay. Ike is to have Cancer surgery in July and I am closing down temporarily-until I see him through this. It's going to be okay though. We just keep the faith and hope for the best. God has a way of taking care of good people, and we are good people.
I ask all of you to send prayers to heaven for us.
Life is good!

Friday, March 26, 2010

When I opened my eyes this morning.

I saw the beautiful sunshine beaming through my bedroom window and though- this is going to be a lovely day God has made for us and I truly intend to use it to the fullest.
Ike is working away on my building and I am working inside my shop doing a W/Gig for a customer in New Jersey. It's a Blue-jay for her husband.
I do over 35 designs now. Lots of Looney Tunes and Disney- not to mention, a whole bunch of birds. I've added a picture for you.
Just click on the connection I have listed here for my Ecrater Store to see all of them.
I'm busy, Ike's busy, we're both being very productive. It's a beautiful day here in Big Sandy. Who could as for more!
Life is good.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I've had a very productive day

I had custom orders to work out and also have assisted Ike as his "go-fer" today.
We have a building project going on here at the house and it't "go-fer this and go-fer that". About the time I get started good on my work -he will holler for me to get him something- it's easier for me to hand it to him, than for him to get it for himself.
I've spend half the day getting my work done and the other half doing something for him. I love it though. He's happy when he's doing something and when he's happy, I'm happy. We're just 2 old people- who together, get the job done.
It's been a beautiful day. The sun has been shining all day and the temperature has been in the 60's. Nothing better than a day like this. I swear I can see the plants growing before my eyes. My forsythia is in full bloom. Yellow is my favorite color and it looks so pretty all around the place. The Poplar trees are budding. They will probably be in full bloom in another day or so. Now that's another pretty site. I can't wait to see them
Need to run. Back to work for me.
Life is good.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

This rainy day

finds me making a big pot of potato soup for lunch. I love it. The creamy, cheesy, taste is so delicious. When Ike gets home from church, about the time it gets done, he will be loving me for this. Men are something- aren't they? Nothing they like better than good food. My Ike, is like a bottomless pit and he sure does love my cooking.
Now if I would just bake one of my famous Coconut Cakes- I would be in his good graces forever. Not gona do that though, we are both Diabetics and neither of us need it.
I sure wish it wasn't raining- we had big plans to get productive on a little addition we are doing and the rain has sure messed up that plan.
Looks like it will be a day of watching T.V. or doing a little painting in my shop.
The picture of us was taken on Christmas at my sisters home. He has lots more gray hair than me but we were both born in Match. He's just 1 year older than me.
Have a great day everyone.
Life is good.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

As I look outside and see the beautiful sunny day

that God has so graciously given us today. I feel a renewed energy to go outside and dig in the dirt- or just do, something productive.
You don't waste days like this. Not after the long, cold, snowy winter we've just survived.
I've enclosed a picture of the day lilies from last spring outside my painting shed. When they bloom I will add a picture of them in bloom.
I raked the leaves from my flower beds and found pretty new green sprouts starting to come through the ground. The jonquils are already in full bloom. They are so refreshingly beautiful. Yellow, being my favorite color, they are the first sign that Spring is almost here.
It's the first pretty day this week -that we've had so far. I went to visit my sister in Nashville and the first 3 days of this week- thinking I would get to help her with some early spring plantings but we didn't get out it was just to cold.
Instead we cleaned silver, cleaned and arranged a utility closet, and made decorative pillows. We were productive. She had been sick and I felt needed. It's good to feel needed- and good to know when you are needed you have someone who will always be there for you. Sisters, are a special gift from God and I thank him for mine.
My sister, Faye, died in May of 2007. My twin brother, Lee Roy, died in Oct of 2009.
I miss both of them so much but I still have 2 sisters and they bring so much love into my life.
I'm going to try hard to keep my postings done on my blog. I wish I had more followers but if I don't post regular I can't expect to have many.
It's Spring in Tennessee and~~~
Life is good.

Friday, October 23, 2009

I wanted to share with my friends

the Guardian Angel I did to place on Bubbas grave.
She will be there to watch over him and bring a sense of peace and love to everyone who see her.
Life is getting better.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I've been busy today.

It felt good to get busy again.
I am making a Angel to place on Bubbas grave. I had made one for my sister, Faye, who died a couple of years ago and everyone liked it. I know Bubba will like it to. It will fit right up against his tombstone when I get it set. I plan to get him a single heart stone and have him and his little dog, Mickey, picture placed in the stone. I just know it will be so beautiful. He sure did love his little dog.
I listed a few things on eBay today also. I miss not having things on there and the anticipation of making a sale. It's good to have something to look forward to. I made 3 sale last week and didn't even have anything listed. I guess google is working.
I feel like a big ole mug full of hot chocolate- gona get off here and go fix it.
Hope all who reads this- is having a good evening.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I'd like to present to you

A watercolor painting my brother, who just died, did of the little country church where we attend services every Sunday. It was painted in 2006 about the time he started having the many strokes he had. He lost his interest in painting during this time so I am thankful for this last one. His good friend and I plan to present it to the church next Sunday at the morning services.
Isn't it just so beautiful.
Please enjoy.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm ready to get back in touch

with everyone and with my life at this time.
We buried my brother on Thursday, the 15th. in our community cemetery. It was a sad day- saying goodbye to the my twin brother, the other half of me. Knowing I will never be able to call him again or give him a hug. I know it will take a long time to not miss him so much but with all the pain and suffering he had to endure the last week of his life -it was best God took him home.
Life goes on. Death is just as certain as the breath we breath today. It's all a part of Gods plan for each of us.
I want to thank each and everyone of you who sent me the lovely, sweet, card of condolences through the wonderful group (Hand-crafters Cottage)that I feel so blessed to be a part of. To all the friends from Bonanzle who left a message on the forum thread started by Montrose and Nancy. To Montrose and Nancy- a special "thank you" for the warm and cuddly scarf- it meant so much to me. I will never forget how it all brought comfort to me during this time.
God bless each of you- I wish all of you the very best life has to offer.