Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm up to my knees in new things-

I sent all the Birdhouses Ike and I crafted from old barn wood last month to my nieces, she is going to take them to a big Crafts Fair at Reelfoot Lake in November and sell them for me. Ike and I had made 20. We are now doing more simpler ones to sell in our 35 mile yard sale held here each year at the end of Sept. We have 4 made for that.
I painted a rural summer scene on a old rust shovel yesterday. It turned out really nice. I plan to drill a hole and attach a real tree branch to look like a real tree and add ceramic leaves to it to give it extra touches of character. I will list it here in the blog when I get it completed.
I'm also doing a twig covered, old window frame. It would look great in a rustic country cabin or on a shed wall in the garden. Could actually be used inside or out. I am putting the twigs on with Ikes staple gun, so they are really secure.
I'm in the middle of laundry right now though-ugh! I hate house work. I want to get into my painting shed to create but sometimes you just "have to do- what you have to do"- know what I mean? Whether you want to or not.
So I better close and get to it.
Nancy, so good to see your friendly face on my blog and to have you as a follower.
You get busy and create one for yourself. I know you can do it if I can. Just follow the steps. Let me know when you get it up and running. Good luck.
Be productive- and be happy!
Life is good.