Sunday, March 21, 2010

This rainy day

finds me making a big pot of potato soup for lunch. I love it. The creamy, cheesy, taste is so delicious. When Ike gets home from church, about the time it gets done, he will be loving me for this. Men are something- aren't they? Nothing they like better than good food. My Ike, is like a bottomless pit and he sure does love my cooking.
Now if I would just bake one of my famous Coconut Cakes- I would be in his good graces forever. Not gona do that though, we are both Diabetics and neither of us need it.
I sure wish it wasn't raining- we had big plans to get productive on a little addition we are doing and the rain has sure messed up that plan.
Looks like it will be a day of watching T.V. or doing a little painting in my shop.
The picture of us was taken on Christmas at my sisters home. He has lots more gray hair than me but we were both born in Match. He's just 1 year older than me.
Have a great day everyone.
Life is good.