Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm being lazy ----

So I am placing this post in several places:
I've been trying to get all my over 300 listings on eBay up to code. I've done and re-done so many times -I am going blind from the glare of this computer screen.
I was up last night and the night before- till after 1 P.M. working.
There's "technical troubl" there today- so I just gave up on it. I will get back to it later.
As all of you know, my Twin brother is having Vascular surgery tomorrow. So I will be up really early to go Memphis so I can be there for his surgery.
I would ask that all of you remember us in your prayers.
Another thing I wanted to pass along:
I was having trouble with my curser on my computer- it was jumping all over the screen- like it was possessed. I seemed to have no control over it.
I was telling my grandson about it and he suggested- I clean it, duh!. He told me to take the roller ball out and clean it with warm soapy water and dry it off really good before I replace it.I did that.
He also said take a pair of tweezers and clean off any residue you see on the internal rollers. (The internal rollers are the ones that touch the ball when it is in place) they collect dusty, sticky, -crummels (for the lack of a better word) I did that- and when I replaced the ball into the cavity of the cleaned curser, it preformed like new. I have control again! I had the most awful fear I had picked up a virus or something.
So if any of you are having that problem- try it and see if it works for you.
I gotta get up and do something productive. I am absolutely wasting this day.
I need to clean house or something.
Later friends.


  1. Miss Bettye you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


  2. Thanks Dede. I'm just getting ready to shut this computer down for the night and prepare for the morning.
    Ike says we have to leave by 6. I'm use to getting up at 9 so that's going to be hard on this old lady. But I will do it, if it was me my brother would be there for me.
    How's things goinf for you and the kids with your hubby gone? I hope- Well!
    You're such a great friend.
    (((Hugs back to you)))