Thursday, October 22, 2009

I've been busy today.

It felt good to get busy again.
I am making a Angel to place on Bubbas grave. I had made one for my sister, Faye, who died a couple of years ago and everyone liked it. I know Bubba will like it to. It will fit right up against his tombstone when I get it set. I plan to get him a single heart stone and have him and his little dog, Mickey, picture placed in the stone. I just know it will be so beautiful. He sure did love his little dog.
I listed a few things on eBay today also. I miss not having things on there and the anticipation of making a sale. It's good to have something to look forward to. I made 3 sale last week and didn't even have anything listed. I guess google is working.
I feel like a big ole mug full of hot chocolate- gona get off here and go fix it.
Hope all who reads this- is having a good evening.


  1. Oh Miss Bettye, I bet it will be beautiful! You do such wonderful work. A mug of hot chocolate sounds really, really good.


  2. It was good Dede. I wish you could have been here to share it with me.
    Are you feeling better?
    Did your "sweety" get home?
    (((HUGS back)))