Monday, May 21, 2007

Late night

Well, here I set at this computer. I just so excited- I had 7 people leave comments for me today. 7, can you believe it? It was called "tagged"---when I figure out how to do it I will try to tag someone. I am suppose to do 7.
It is almost 11:30- I just came in from my work shop and started a load of laundry. I am a noct owl. I sleep until 9 every morning and stay up until 12 or 1 every noct. I do my best work at noct, even the creative stuff. I am not sure why that is, but I tend to be a bit strange.

~~~~~~Why does the (comma) always throw this message off I am trying to type. I hit the (comma) and it goes down to the bottom of the page and finds a place and want allow me to use it.~~~~

My sister who died on the 1st. of May was sick for a really long time. She moved down south to be close to me. Not long after, that she got to where she was not able to get out and do things with me. I miss her terribly. She was on Dialysis the 3 times a week for the past 3 years. It just wore her down. It was so painful to see her the way she was suffering and all. She had gotten down to 93 pounds. God knows when it is time to take us home. It was her time. I am thankful for the many years I had her, but I would not (could not use the "comma") bring her back to this world if I could- not if it meant seeing her suffer more.
She was a avid gardener. She had gotten their yard in such a beautiful shape. She could make anything grow. And could design some of the most beautiful flower bed you have ever seen. She got me to liking it a little better- but it still was not "my thing" I had rather be in my air conditioned work shop- with a brush in my hand. I hat getting hot and sweaty.

I have had a really busy day. My back is hurting again tonight. I worked in the yard over the weekend and it takes me several days to re-coop from that.

My baby sister left for France this afternoon. That gives me something to worry about. (not that I need anything) I am a worrier by nature. She will be gone for 10 days. I just do not know what I will do with out her. If I have computer problems -I will sink. She keeps me floating along. If I need her she is always there. She is 10 years younger than me, and 10 times smarter.

Well, I am going to close fortonight. I will check back in tomorrow and answer some of my comments. Maybe even do some "tagging" when I figure out how.


  1. found your post on the etsy forum, so thought i'd stop by and say hi. sorry to hear about your sister. how sad....... i bet you do miss her. it was nice that she lived close to you and you had time to spend with her. it is so easy to drift away from family these days. and now another sister off to France! goodness. sounds like and adventure. i'm sure she will be fine (since you tend to worry...) stop by my blog and leave a comment somewhere saying hello!

  2. Hey Kecia. I love your name by the way.
    My daughters name is Iketta- I also love her name she is named after her dad- we call him Ike.
    Thanks for leaving me a message. It is always a treat to check my blog and find out someone has actually took time to read and leave a message.
    I clicked to your blog, was going to leave you a message there but couldn't find a way to do it.
    I am terrible with computers. I would give anything if I knew how to make mine more colorful and interesting. But I don't. So all I can offer is my rambelings and just the basics.
    Thanks also for your words of comfort concerning my sister. She died on the 1st of May. I sure do miss her but she is in a much better place and out of her pain.
    I had a email from my sister in France. They had a rocky start -with airline strike messing up their plans, but things are working out now. Her husband is a retired Orthopedic Surgeon and they are there for meetings. He is still active in all the Organizations.
    I thought I would write in the blog tonoct but it is getting really late, so think I will just take a hot bath and go to bed.
    Good noct and God bless,

  3. Golly, I hadn't written in awhile and a lot has been happening in my life.

    I have bought me a pair of Registered Dachshund puppies and plan to raise and sell them. At my age this is a good endeavor and something I feel I can handle. My husband is building the cribs and run for my puppies, (He raises Registered Border Collies)
    They are bigger and we are doing different buildings for each.
    I am just so excited. They are just the sweetest little things I have ever seen. I named them Ginger and Coco.

    I have also been doing lots of extra crafts for a show I will be doing in September. Looking forward to that also.
    The summer has been really busy.

    I wish someone would drop by and leave a post. I feel like I am writing to air. But it is therapeutic for me.