Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's a cold day here in Tennessee

I have a nice warm blanket over my legs and am here at the computer trying to think of something to post on this blob, that no-one ever reads.
I will talk about my Dachshund puppies.
I have 7 now. We finally got the cribs done and are in great shape to start our breeding when they get old enough.
They are so big now. They look like they are grown, but they are only about 7 months old. I don't figure they will get much larger.
I had originally thought I wanted only red ones but I broke down and got 2 black and tan ones.
I think I will like them just as well. I love all of them.
My husband and I go into the kennel every evening and spend time loving and holding each one of them for a little while. They are so affectionate and are excited to see us every time we open the door.
Can't wait to have my first litter of puppies, it will be hard to sell them but we are in this for some extra income during our retirement years- so we will have to do it.
Like I said, it is cold here today. I hate cold weather. It will be good to see spring come back around. It want be to much longer now- the days are already getting longer.
Until next time.

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