Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I have transported

some of my Plumdrop post here. I have been more active on that site than this one but hopefully that will change.
There are just so many hours in a day though and sometimes it is just really hard to stay on top of everything. I am attempting to get more traffic to my selling sites. I need to make a little money.
When you are old and no source of income- except Social Security and the money you make selling your crafts, it gets pretty hard. Times are bad for everyone. I realize that.
I just keep plugging along and am managing to "stay a float" so to say.
Gotta get up from here and do supper for my son- he is coming to eat with us tonoct. It is worth all the trouble cooking a meal, to know I will be getting a great big hug from him when he gets here.
Write more another time.
Bye for now.

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