Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's rainy here tonoct and I have time on my hands

so I decided to do some work on my Blog.
I don't know what I will ramble on about but I will figure it out as I go along.
We have a great Promotional thread going on Bonanzle at this time. Montrose, a fellow Bona member is doing the promotion. He's great. There's been over 2,700 views last time I checked. He works hard to keep it going and keep us all informed. It will end on Saturday, the 26th.
I haven't sold anything yet, but I hope others have. I'm sure they have.
Here's the link to the posting.
I'd like to ask all artists and crafters who read my Blog to come on over and join in. You can post the link to your booth and get lots of visits and if you're luck, a few sales.
What else can I talk about- Well, I'm kinda excited about a trip to the mountains with my sweet sister, Alice, that we have planned. I think we might be going sometime around the end of the month. If we go I will write about it.
We want to see all the pretty Fall foliage. It's so beautiful up there during that time of the year. We stop at all the Antique Mall we pass on the trip up there and find a few more when we get there. We both love old things. She's likes the "high end" stuff and I like the "junk" -but you can see both in some of the places where we stop.
Can you believe- I spent good money on some mouth pieces that are on old horse harnesses- Now that's "junk" and I bought all I could find. They weren't cheap either. I use things like that on my bird houses- so it was a treasure to me. I have lots of "junk" treasures.
I can't believe it's just 9:45.
Did anyone see Americas got Talent last noct. I was tickled to death when the country guy from Kentucky won that million dollars. I think his name was Jason Skinnerd. He was just so sweet and a country boy through and through. He needed that million dollars and I'm glad he won. I sure was rooting for him. Now he can give his family a better life- if money can buy a better life.
I don't think money is what make a better life myself- as long as I've got enough to live on, with just a little extra-I'm happy. It would probably just be another complication for me if I had it.
When you have a nice home, with a loving family, good friends and plenty to eat, who could ask for more. I have all those things and "life is good".


  1. You are so right Miss Bettye. Life is good, very good. I too would love to see more artist and crafters show up at this thread to show off their items. Montrose has done a wonderful job with this promotion.

  2. I would to Dede, but not many people follow mine. If you added it to your blog more people might see it- You have more followers than I do. I've tried several times to leave you messages and add my name to your list of followers but have never been successful. I'm doing some silly little thing wrong. If I understood computer jargin maybe I would know how to navigate the different options. I don't know if this email will end up on my site or yours but I was determined to answer your email.
    Thanks for your devotion to my sites. I love you for it. You make me feel special in so many ways.
    (((HUGS back to you)))

  3. I think with my blog you are following under the ID of your first and last name, not your blog ID. I will make a post of this on my Bonanzle blog. And you are very special!