Saturday, January 26, 2008

I've added my Blog address

connection to my outgoing emails. I hope all my friends and customers will see it and make a comment. It would be really exciting to actually get some action on this Blog. I promise I will try to pay more attention to entries myself so if and when you do stop by you will find something to read.


  1. kudos! I have no clue how to do any of that, so by means...mentor me:)lol

  2. Oh that's a really great idea!!! I never thought of adding it to emails, etc.

  3. lovemeknot creations- you do it by going through (Tools) in your email program.
    Goes like this:
    Tools> Options>Mail format>signature picker> Click on the signature you want to chang (or add new one)
    >edit>click OK. Add other links the same way.
    Let me know if you got it done.
    Hope I got the directions right for you.
    ara, if you do emails you can add all your sites to your emails- it does help some.